SUP PUP: Building Relationships and Improving Behaviours

Stand Up Paddle Boarding with your dog (SUP PUP) can be a fantastic opportunity to bond with your dog, and as a bonus, improve your dog’s behaviours.

  • Build your dog’s confidence by teaching a new skill using positive reinforcement (while avoiding coercion, corrections, pressure)
  • Improve your dog’s ability to show self-control with SUP PUP skills (especially around distractions)
  • Foster a closer bond with your dog as you enjoy the activity together
  • Enrich your dog’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being

You can also book a private SUP PUP playdate for your dog and the instructor. This is a great option for people who are unable to SUP PUP with their dog but want their dogs to have the opportunity.

The gentle, positive, fun SUP PUP training can help shy, timid dogs gain confidence.

For exuberant, lively dogs (especially ones that are overly excited by the water), this SUP PUP training can help build impulse control and manners.

SUP PUP equipment and safety equipment provided. Instructor is CPDT-KA Certified with over 13 years experience in force-free dog training and behaviour modification. Certification in Pet First Aid (with Walks ‘n’ Wags) and Red Cross Standard First Aid/CPR. Paddle Canada Basic SUP Course and over a year of SUP experience.

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